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Feb 26

PS All-Stars patch 1.08

Hey everyone!

Today we went live with a new patch of DLC. More minions and DLC costumes are now available for purchase.

 New Minions!

       18 additional downloadable minions are now available for purchase.

       Two free unlockable minions are now available.

          -  Chimera from Resistance

          -  Tag from ModNation Racers

 New DLC Costumes!

       Warrior of Apollo (Kratos)

       Ninja Princess (Fat Princess)

       Jailbird (Sly Cooper)

       Prom King (PaRappa)

       Deep Sea Nathan Drake (Nathan Drake)

       Wrestler (Sackboy)

We’ve also made some under the hood fixes as well as continue to work on balance and bug fixes that will show up in a big future patch coming soon.

Have fun!

Feb 15

Beat the Clock: Round 3 results!

Thanks to everyone who participated on Tuesday for Beat the Clock: Round 3.

You guys really brought it with Kat and Emmett!

And now…(drum roll)…here are the results! Congrats to the following players for their Beat the Clock victories!

Red5_StandingBy -

Talk about killer!

Feb 12

PS All-Stars patch 1.07

What’s up, All-Stars? Today marks our first major DLC release as we add two new characters to the lineup! Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk! They’re both available gratis for two weeks starting today, so make sure you download them before time is up.

Also released today is our new stage, Fearless! We’re happy to say that everyone will be able to experience it for free in online ranked matches, and for those that would like it for offline play as well, it’s priced at $1.99 USD.

Finally, along with these updates comes patch 1.07. Read on for the official notes.

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Feb 08

Even more combo videos!

It’s time for another PS All-Stars combo video roundup, featuring some of the best community-made compilations we’ve seen lately. Some of these videos contain practical combos while others focus on pure style, but they’re all awesome!

PSASBR Dante HD Combo Exhibition by ProjectSeoul

Dante’s vast combo potential is on display in full force here, pushing the Infinite Avoidance System to the limit with his Ebony and Ivory attacks. With a large variety of platform-based setups and stylish editing to match, this is one of our favorite videos so far!

PSASBR Jak and Daxter Combos by Reaper142 and Ed1991X

Who says Jak doesn’t have combos? Here are seven minutes of midscreen combos, wall bounce combos, phantom wall combos, and everything in between—with some very creative uses of Jak’s air D+Circle as a juggle starter!

PSASBR Freeze Missile + Toro Combo Vid by Shinryu

If you haven’t tried making up Freeze Missile combos, this video shows just how much fun they can be! There’s so much cool stuff in it, and so many subtle stylish touches. Whiffing Toro’s divekick multiple times in the opposite direction (at 1:22) is way too clever.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Community Combo Video

The editing in this video may be a little old school, but the content is top-notch. What started as a collaborative project between 30 players grew to contain over nine minutes of combos, featuring every character in the game!

Thank you once again to the PlayStation All-Stars community for your continued support and for making such amazing videos for us to enjoy!

Feb 07

Beat the Clock: Round 3


It’s time for the next round of Beat the Clock!

On Tuesday, February 12, Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk will join the PlayStation All-Stars roster! To ring in this day, our Community Manager, Daniel Maniago (aka Clockw0rk) is once again taking challengers! Daniel will be playing free-for-all matches on PSN as “Strider_Doom” from 6-7PM PST.

He’ll be showing off all the new moves with Kat and Emmett, who—don’t forget—will be free to download for two weeks! If you find yourself in a match with Strider_Doom and win, we’ll post that match on our YouTube channel and you’ll be etched into PS All-Stars history!

Good luck!

Feb 01

Season 2 ends; 3 begins!


Yo! It’s the end of our extended season!

Titles have been awarded based on belt progression and the next season starts anew. Congratulations to all the players who were awarded titles. Keep battling through February as we return to one month seasons!

In addition, congratulations to those who were the top All-Stars in Season 1, 2, and the Beta!

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Jan 22

PS All-Stars patch 1.05

Yo! It’s patch time again for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! In this patch, we’ve made some balance changes along with general adjustments to ensure players are getting the best experience possible. Here’s the lowdown:

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for all the messages, tweets, discussions, emails, and forum feedback as it helps us improve the game for all the fans! Also, for all the Twitter monsters out there, be sure to follow SuperBot, myself, Seth, and Artavan (@SuperBotEnt, @mvcClockw0rk, @sethkillian, @combovid) for the latest scoop on #PSAllStars and more!

Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago
Community Manager

Jan 11


Jan 07

More combo videos!

Are you ready for more mind-blowing Battle Royale combos?! Here’s another batch of awesome fan-made videos that were making the rounds at the office before the holiday break.

PlayStation All-Stars Toro Combo Video by Shinryu 

Toro is surprisingly versatile as a combo character, and this video does a great job of demonstrating some of his lesser-used abilities. It’s sharply edited and full of cool setups and stylish stance change combos!

PlayStation All-Stars Heihachi Combo Video by Noremac

Starting off with basic practical combos and gradually moving over to flashy impractical setups, this video proves what everyone already knows—Heihachi is a monster at close range!

PSABR Dante Combo Video by 10 Stars

As every Devil May Cry player will tell you, the goal isn’t just to win—you have to look good while doing it. The super-stylish crossup air F+Square to D+Circle combo at 0:50 has everything you could ask for from a Dante combo!

PSAS Fat Princess Combos | More Fat Princess Combos by Troof

For one reason or another, Fat Princess has always been one of the most underrated fighters on the roster since the very first time we showed the game in public. People continually overlook her incredible combo potential without giving her a fair shot. That’s why it’s so great to see dedicated players finally exploring her unique capabilities and showing how much fun she is to play!

Thanks again to the PlayStation All-Stars community for another batch of genuinely creative and thoroughly enjoyable videos. Keep ‘em coming!

Dec 21

Special announcement about this season’s belts

The current season will be extended into January to ensure that all end-of-season title issues are patched and resolved in all regions.

By playing PlayStation All-Stars online, you provide us with crucial data that helps us improve the online experience and the game in general.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!